• Rapoo V16 Game Mouse

    RAPOO V16
    Game Mouse

    The V16 is a neat gaming mouse with a simple and stylish design. You can set up 5 main buttons for any purpose, as well as a high-performance adjustable sensor in 2000 DPI. The ergonomic shape ensures that the mouse will be comfortable to hold in any hand. Thanks to the high-quality design and finish, the durability of the mouse is guaranteed. With V16, you win victory after victory without extra effort.

    Rs. 1,755.00 Rs. 1,950.00


    Ergonomic design
    The symmetrical shape of the mouse is suitable for both the right and the left hand, protects the wrist from overstrain, provides comfort of grip and comfort in the longest game.

    Navigation accuracy
    Professional gaming optical mechanism ensures tracking accuracy anytime, anywhere.

    High Resolution Adjustable Motion Tracking System
    Set a low resolution (DPI) for moving accuracy or a high resolution for moving speed. You can instantly switch from one resolution to another and vice versa.

    Spectacular, pulsating light
    The throbbing lights with cyclical changes create stunning special effects.

    Easy installation
    The driver is not required, just connect the device to the computer, and it is ready to work.

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